Anonymous asked:
"in what order do you think the xf seasons go, from best to worst?"

is best to worst the same as favorite to least favorite? i’m gonna assume yes because it’s easier to answer

  1. three
  2. four
  3. six
  4. five
  5. eight
  6. two
  7. one
  8. seven
  9. nine

if it was best to worst, not favorite, season 3 would probably still be the one i consider the best. 2, 4, and 5 would be 2nd to 4th place (idk which order), then 6 or 2, then 8. i’d keep the last three as they are.

Anonymous asked:
"hi! what episode is the sixth gif in this photoset from? post/23499704857 i just can't place it!"

oh i’m so sorry! you’ve asked this a while ago (i assume it was you) and i was busy at the time and then forgot about it.

anyway. it’s from the end part 2. CORRECTION: from the truth part 2

Anonymous asked:
"I ♥ you"


Anonymous asked:
"your sidebar nope"

i know anon, i know

Anonymous asked:
"where did you get your tully and lannister banners from?"

aw man, i can’t remember, sorry! but if you want to use tully or lannister

Anonymous asked:
"what movie or show do you get your young cersei clips in your cersei MV my body is a cage?"

the little girl is from my little princess (2011) and the girl in her 20s is from the 2011 miniseries camelot

Anonymous asked:
"Your blog is amazing"

thank youuu!

Anonymous asked:
"Would I be able to request a Gilmore Girls gifset pretty please? Would you be able to make Rory blowing out her Birthday candles on her cake in 1x06??? :D"

aw anon i wish i could do that but my gg dvds are in brazil and i’m in canada. but i’m sure you can find it somewhere or ask someone else. sorry!

Anonymous asked:
"I was looking through your MSR Playlist tag...You should make a video to Set The Fire To The Third Bar! The gifset alone made me cry."

oh I’ve thought about it, but I’ve already seen two on youtube… maybe in the future :)

Anonymous asked:
  • Favourite character: Juliet
  • Funniest character: Ben
  • Best-looking character: Sawyer
  • 3 favourite ships: Sawyer/Juliet, Sun/Jin, Bernard/Rose
  • Least favourite character: Jack
  • Least favourite ship: Sawyer/Kate, Jack/Kate, Michael/Sun
  • Reason why I watch it: JULIET. I liked the format and some of the characters. And yeah, I was curious about the island (I eventually gave up on finding out more about it though)
  • Why I started watching it: My friend bugged me to watch it for like two years. Then I saw that the final season was going to start and I finally gave in because if I liked it I’d get to experience it live (and it was awesome even if season 6 was pretty bad)