I thought I was upset because my parents are insane, but Ron just showed me the real reason.

It’s just I’m missing you and there’s so much stuff I want to talk to you about.

Happy Anniversary Ben & Leslie!

Oh Ann Perkins, you perfect sunflower. You totally changed me.

There’s always been a little distance between me and April. And I thought that this would maybe, I don’t know, give us a chance to get a little closer, maybe even - I don’t like Ann - become friends?

"We often talk about the idea that “Parks” didn’t really become “Parks” until season 2 (or, really, the season 1 finale, “Rock Show”), and that it took the writers a half-dozen episodes to figure out how to dial in Leslie as something other than a female Michael Scott. But watching “Ann and Chris” — which featured a few flashbacks to that long-ago pilot episode — it almost felt as if this wasn’t a case of a TV writing staff finding their way with a character, but of a lonely and intense woman needing a new friend to bring out the best in herself."
— Alan Sepinwall, in his review of “Ann and Chris” (via deadendtowns)