Lucy introducing Desi on an episode of I’ve Got a Secret? . (February 1956). 

Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza on the set of ‘Parks and Recreation' in Los Angeles, CA (August 9, 2013)


somewhere out there Alex Kingston is drinking to celebrate the fact that the new Doctor is finally old enough for all the things she would do with him

Breakdowns of 1949: Bette Davis and Robert Montgomery in June Bride. (x)


lyanna lies dead in the bed beside him. lord eddard stark picks up his nephew. “he must be protected from robert,” howland reed murmurs, staring with furrowed brow at the squalling infant. “if he knew rhaegar’s son still lived, and by lyanna…”

“i know,” ned whispers, eyes filling with tears. he stares into the babe’s gray eyes, addressing one of the last targaryens left. “you must be… ned stark’s bastard.”